The Cingular Wireless/AT&T poster model has also produced commercials and films. He is a Singer, Actor, model, Director, and Producer. Gary has written and collaborated on the music of Grammy winning recording artists. He has also produced music videos that have premiered on MTV.com and VEVO.

Over his career, Gary has produced and released a remarkable mix of studio recordings that are synonymous with his signature sound and testament to the depth and diversity of his creativity. He has always listened to a variety of music genres that played an influential role in shaping his own signature sound as a singer. When he was in college he remained heavily involved in the arts while being on the National Dean's List and maintaining an impressive 4.0 average in computer science, but it was at a popular Los Angeles music conservatory where he studied the piano that his music instructor confirmed and informed him that he had "perfect pitch".

Thanks to his years of in-studio production experience as a professional Studio Recordist, Mixing Engineer, and professional Mastering Engineer, Gary was awarded by DISC MAKERS as an Official Member of the DISC MAKERS 'Studio Partner Program'. Gary has worked with major label recording artists as well as indie artists.

Gary has modeled on billboards and on national and international commercial print campaigns. To name a few, he was the national and international poster model to introduce the Cingular Wireless / AT&T Treo Cell Phone. He was the model introducing Universal Studios ’The Earthquake Ride’. He modeled Dave & Buster's ads. He was the model for the STEP OUT IN STYLE ad. Gary also modeled on magazine ads for WEB Multifamily Laundry Systems.

"I believe that music is the language of the soul and I want my music to be categorized by the effect it has on an audience rather than a specific genre. More precisely, I want to leave an audience better than I find them." - G

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