Film & TV

Working and acting in numerous films and television shows has been an invaluable experience that has significantly propelled my career forward. Through these diverse projects, I have honed my craft, expanded my range as an actor, and deepened my understanding of storytelling. Each role I have undertaken has presented unique challenges and opportunities for growth, allowing me to cultivate versatility and adaptability in my performances and even as director and producer.

Moreover, the collaborative nature of the entertainment industry has allowed me to collaborate with exceptional talents, including directors, writers, and fellow actors. These collaborations have not only enhanced my creative abilities but also enriched my professional network. Building connections with industry professionals has opened doors to new opportunities, leading to further growth and exposure.

Working on various sets has also provided me with valuable insights into the production process, from script development to post-production. This comprehensive understanding has enabled me to approach my work with a holistic perspective, fostering collaboration and synergy with the entire filmmaking team.

Furthermore, appearing in a range of films and television shows has allowed me to showcase my versatility to audiences worldwide. The exposure gained from these projects has contributed to expanding my fan base and increasing industry recognition. As a result, I have been able to attract more challenging and diverse roles, affording me the chance to continue evolving as an actor and storyteller.

In essence, the cumulative experience of working and acting in numerous films and television shows has been instrumental in shaping my career. It has empowered me to grow both professionally and artistically, broadened my network, and established a solid foundation for continued success in the dynamic world of entertainment.

Not everything is easy, and I've learned by making plenty of mistakes, but with God's help all things are possible!


Films produced and directed by Gary Tyrone Johnson

The Astronaut And The Me

Short Film Teaser

"Unexpected Twist: A Guy Enrolls for Space Flight, but Sends His Buddy on the Journey" 

General Case

Short FIlm

General Case, the renowned treasure hunter, is a legend in the realm of adventure and exploration. With an unwavering spirit and an insatiable thirst for uncovering the unknown, Case unearths the most elusive treasure throughout the world. The "Untouchable Treasure". 


Commercials produced and directed by Gary Tyrone Johnson

Sky's Gourmet Tacos

Mexican With A Taste of Soul!

Behind the scenes of the commercial